Year 6 Graduation 2013

As we walked into the ceremony of our year 6 graduation, the music was pumping and the parents were clapping. We sat down and the ceremony began. We started off with an introduction by Lee who invited the masters of ceremony Amelia Furh, Julian Lekakis and Jack McLeod to talk about their experience as school captain. After, we had Matt Bott our principal to do his address. We watched the interview of the year 6’s who talked about their feelings about high school.

We each got called up in our class to get our graduation scroll and a present which was presented by our classroom teacher. We had the specialist awards next which included P.E, Italian, Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Buddies. Tommy got the P.E award, Lilly got Italian, Sozoe got Visual Arts, Stephanie got Performing Arts and Luke got Buddies. We then moved onto the more important awards which included the Excellence award, the Academic Achievement award and the Dux award. Eleanor got the Excellence award, Julian got the Academic Achievement award and Amelia won the Dux award. Amelia gets to get her name in gold writing outside the office.

The year 6’s had a surprise item for the parents, a dance. I was the leader with Bill. It was a great surprise for everyone. After the dance, we all gave our parents a thank you gift of chocolates. After the ceremony, we got a piece of chocolate cake and we could get a family photo. When I got home, I opened my scroll and my present. The present was a book with lots of photos of the year 6’s with friends, an all-girl photo and an all boy photo and single photos, it came with a pen that we can sign near our photo. It was the best night of my life and I will never forget the friends I have made and all the teachers I have had.

Book Week

On the 22nd of August, Moonee Ponds Primary School had their book week dress up day. The day was filled with a parade and a book activity. I dressed up as Lieutenant Gail Halvorsen who is also known as Captain Chocolate who dropped chocolate and candy to the children in West Berlin who were in World War II. So many people dressed up even the teachers did.

After recess break, We got split up to different classes with kids from different year levels and we read a book and got to do an activity on the book. I got split up into prep A Rebecca and we read the book Tanglewood by Margaret Wild and Illustrated by Vivienne Goodman. And are activity was to make origami seagulls and design a new book cover for Tanglewood. It was the best day ever!!!!.

Here is a link if you want to know more about the book Candy Bomber:

Here is a link if you want to make an origami seagull:

Here is a link if you would like to know more about Tanglewood:

Science Week

On the 12th of August Science week had started. Every class went up to the science room to do some experiments. The preps looked in the microscopes, the 1\2’s did lava lamps, the 3\4’s did elephants toothpaste and the 5\6’s did canister rockets and fizzy popcorn. On Wednesday night our school hosted a science night with lots of experiments. We made canister rockets, lava lamps and so much more. Science week is the best.


Classroom Considerations

5/6A should always come ready with a positive attitude so we can enjoy the rest of the day.

We will always have an optimistic outlook about our learning.

5/6A are expected to always let everyone have a say and respect people`s property.

In 5/6A we encourage everyone to persist with their work.

5/6A will always collaborate and work together in class.

In 5/6A we encourage everyone to be safe and responsible in the classroom.



Hello everyone and welcome to 2013. There is some fun things happening this year that I would like to tell you about. I`m in year six this year and my teacher is Jess Buerckner.

On the holidays me and my family went to FunFields in Whittlesea Victoria, we also went AMF Bowling for my birthday and we went out for dinner, we also went out for breakfast and we went to the zoo.

Some interesting and fun things that are happening this year are School Swimming Sports down at Queens Park Pool, Athletics at Aberfieldie Athletics track, 5/6 camp at the Shipwreck Coast Warrnambool and year 6 graduation. I hope that you are all looking foward to 2013 as much as I am.