Year 6 Graduation 2013

As we walked into the ceremony of our year 6 graduation, the music was pumping and the parents were clapping. We sat down and the ceremony began. We started off with an introduction by Lee who invited the masters of ceremony Amelia Furh, Julian Lekakis and Jack McLeod to talk about their experience as school captain. After, we had Matt Bott our principal to do his address. We watched the interview of the year 6’s who talked about their feelings about high school.

We each got called up in our class to get our graduation scroll and a present which was presented by our classroom teacher. We had the specialist awards next which included P.E, Italian, Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Buddies. Tommy got the P.E award, Lilly got Italian, Sozoe got Visual Arts, Stephanie got Performing Arts and Luke got Buddies. We then moved onto the more important awards which included the Excellence award, the Academic Achievement award and the Dux award. Eleanor got the Excellence award, Julian got the Academic Achievement award and Amelia won the Dux award. Amelia gets to get her name in gold writing outside the office.

The year 6’s had a surprise item for the parents, a dance. I was the leader with Bill. It was a great surprise for everyone. After the dance, we all gave our parents a thank you gift of chocolates. After the ceremony, we got a piece of chocolate cake and we could get a family photo. When I got home, I opened my scroll and my present. The present was a book with lots of photos of the year 6’s with friends, an all-girl photo and an all boy photo and single photos, it came with a pen that we can sign near our photo. It was the best night of my life and I will never forget the friends I have made and all the teachers I have had.

Gymnastics Competition

On the 18th of August, I competed in a gymnastics competition at the Essendon YMCA. I had to wake up at 7.00 in the morning. We did our stretchers and then the competition started going. My first routine was Beam. Then it was P- Bars, then Bars, then Floor, then vault and last Rings. At the end it was time for the awards. First we did the team awards first was Wesley gold, second Wesley silver and third Moonee Valley Black. Then it was the individual awards. When my team was called ( Moonee Valley Red) my team and  I stood up and we got our medals. Natalie got silver, Meg got bronze, Elle got bronze and I got silver. After the awards we were able to go home but our coach stopped us and we got our scores and a lolly. My scores were: Beam: 12.9, P- Bars: 13.7, Bars: 14.2, Floor: 13.4, Vault: 13.1 and Rings 13.3. This day was the best.



Rosehill Secondary School

On the 31st of April the year sixes went to Rosehill Secondary School to experience what it is like to be a year seven student for the day.

When we arrived we were divided into groups and we were mixed in with some kids from Strathmore. First we had a tour of the school and our first class was science. We did two experiments the first one was to boil red cabbage and to mix it to fill out the table. The second experiment was making slime. I made green slime with Isabel and we got to take home our slime and some red cabbage juice.

We had recess and we got to explore the school. A lot of kids were at the canteen which had a massive line.

After recess we had dance, drama and music. Lots of kids went to the gym to watch kids from years 7-12 do dance and drama routines. There was also miming and lots of people playing instruments. My favourite was the dance routines.

We had lunch and me and my friends went down to see the oval, when I saw the oval it looked like a park it was massive.

After lunch we went to the computer room and made Kurby faces on the computer. It was very hard to get the shapes and the colours right.

Then the bell rang. I was sad because I was starting to enjoy myself but I was also glad that I could tell my parents all about Rosehill and how much fun I had there.



Gala Sports Days

As I  hit the tennis ball on the first day of Gala Sports. I could hear the sound of my  team mates cheering me on. Hundred thoughts were rushing to my head. Everytime we scored a point Maddy and I would high five each other. Once the game was over I was dreading to hear the scores. As soon as the umpire said Moonee Ponds Primary School wins. All my worries were over.

On the 8th and the 15th Moonee Ponds Primary School participated in the Gala Sports Days. That is where all of those thoughts came to haunte me. Did we actually win that game or was this some sort of dream but it wasn`t all of this was true the game, being at St Monica`s Primary School and beating St Vincents.

When the organiser said the scores I was really suprised when he said ” Moonee Ponds Primary School 9th” I actually pinched myself to see if it was true and it was we weren`t on the bottom.

To celebrate we went to Queens Park and had a massive waterfight. We had the best time at St Monica`s Primary School we had fun and tried are best. Everyone at least won one game. Our coach taught us everything we needed to know about Bat Tennis. She had alot of patience with us. After every match we would shake hands with our appoinents.

We walked back to school and  talked to the other teams about our experience at Gala Sportsthe other teams did really well at their sports. My favourite part was learning a new sport that I knew nothing about. I was happy that I won my first game in Bat Tennis.


Swimming Carnival

As we got to the swimming pool everyone went to the correct house flag. I went to the green one which is Lawson. The first event I was in was the 100m open freestyle which is two laps of Queens Park Pool. In the end I came 5th.

The next event I was in was the 50m freestyle which is one lap of the pool .In the end I came 3rd in my age group in that race.

My next race was the 50m Backstroke. There was two races for the 11 to 12 year old girls so I was in the second race with only 2 more people from Banks. After the race I went to collect my 1st place ribbon.

My next race was the 50m Breaststroke. I really like Breaststroke because your legs and arms move like a frog and a frog is my favourite pond animal and I am really good at it. At the end of the race I came 5th. I was really disappointed because I thought I would of done better.

My next race was a fun one. It was the kickboard race where you form a team of four and you have to kickboard one length of the pool. My team won and we went to collect our first place ribbons.

After the fun events were finished we got to hop in the pool and have some free time. After that we got changed and started to walk back to school for the results.

The overall score for each house was 1st was Chisholm, 2nd was Banks, 3rd was Lawson and 4th was Macarthur. Chisholm won the cup and the certificates will be presented on Friday.



Athletics Sports

On the 31st of May it was our Athletics and it was held at Aberfeldie Athletics track. First we all went to our house meetings to see what events we were in and then we got on the bus and headed to the Athletics track.

When we got to the Athletics track we all sat in are house areas ready for the athletics to begin. The first race of the day was the 100m sprint. I was in the 100m sprint and I came first. I was very proud of myself.

My next event was the 11 year 0ld girls 100m sprint and I came third. I was versing girls not in my age group but I did my best and I ran as fast as my legs could carry me.

My next event was the 200m. 200. is half the athletics track and I came second which is a big achievement for me because I have never run that much before.

The next event I was in was the 400m which is one lap around the athletics track and I came third which is the best I have done.

The next event I was in was a relay it was the circular relay and as a team we came first and it was 400m.

After I had finished the circular relay I had to do the shuttle relay. The shuttle relay is an 100m sprint with a team of six and the team I was in came first.

The last event I was in was discus. Discus is where you have a disc in your hand and you have to throw the disc as far as you can. I came sixth and I was because I wasn’t really good at discus.

We all started to pack up and head back to school to get the results from our athletics and from the prep to twos athletics.

When we got to school we did the mass relay and then we went to the SPC for the results. For the prep to two athletics Chisholm came first and for the three to eight athletics Banks came first and the overall winner was Chisholm and they won the 2012 three to eight athletics.

Canberra Camp


On the 26th of November it was the 5/6 Camp toCanberra. We had to get to school by 7.00am to load the luggage and we left at 7.30am. When we were all on the bus everyone was so excited. I sat next to Kaity from Jude’s class and we talked about what we were looking forward to and who might be in our cabins.

We finally stopped for our first rest stop. Everyone climbed out of the bus and found all of their friends and we ate our morning tea at Euroa. We were next to a big lake. Once everyone was back on the bus the excitement came rushing back to all of us and we all started going crazy.

We finally had our lunch stop at Holbrook where there was a big submarine and we got to walk on it after we had eaten our lunch. It was enormous on the outside and it was really long too. After that we hopped back on the bus and we got to watch two movies. The first one was Kung Fu Panda Two and the second one was Happy Feet Two.

We all got off the bus at Gundagai where we had our afternoon rest stop and we saw the Dog on the Tucker Box. After we had our afternoon rest stop we got on the bus and headed straight to Greenhills Conference Centre.

When we arrived at Greenhills Conference Centre we all got the luggage out of the bus and sat down on the grass waiting to find out who was in our cabins. I was with Eden, Isabel, Eleanor and Kaity. We all settled down and made our beds until it was time for dinner. For dinner we had Chicken Schnitzel and cordial and for dessert we had cheesecake. After dinner we played outside until 8.00 and then we spent the rest of our time in our cabins.


Day 2:

At 7.30am on Tuesday we had breakfast of cereal and hot breakfast. After breakfast we got our stuff and climbed onto the bus and we were headed to Parliament House. We got to see the House of Representatives and the Senate and we got to see the Parliamentary Education Office. We heard the bells ringing for the House of Representatives.

After we saw Parliament House we had our Lunch which was rolls and they were very nice and crunchy. We had made them ourselves.

After Lunch we went to the CSIRO Discovery Centre. CSIRO stands for Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation. We got to watch a 3D movie and we got to watch a Jaffa machine and you had to use kinetic energy to get the Jaffa.

After we left the CSIRO we went to the Australian Institute of Sport. We got to have a tour with an Athlete who lives there. We went to Sportex and we got to try different sports like jumping as high as a Basketball Player. We also got to see some athletes in training like Lauren Jackson and we got to play Basketball, Soccer and Hockey.

We hopped on the bus and headed to Greenhills Conference Centre and we had dinner of Burgers and chips and for dessert, Chocolate Mousse.

After dinner we got our swimming stuff and headed to the bus and we went back to the Australian Institute of Sport. We had a whole pool to ourselves. People were playing and splashing around it was fun. We had to wear a swimming cap and it said I swam at the AIS. After that we went back to Greenhills Conference Centre.


Day 3:

On Wednesday 28th we had breakfast at 7.30am of cereal and hot breakfast. After breakfast we got our stuff and headed to the bus and after the bus trip we arrived at the Museum of Australian Democracy and we had to wear gloves because a lot of the stuff is delicate and we also got to sit in the chairs of the old House of Representatives.

After the Museum of Australian democracy we went to the Electoral Education Centre where we watched a video on voting and we got to do games on voting and we got to participate in a vote on fruit. After we saw the Electoral Education Centre we had our lunch and we got to visit Mt Ainslie. You can see a good view from Mt Ainslie.

After we had our lunch and a look of the view from Mt Ainslie we went to the Australian War Memorial where we got a guided tour and we saw the Unknown Soldier’s grave and at 5.00 we got to watch the closing ceremony. After the closing ceremony we hopped on the bus and headed back to Greenhills Conference Centre and we had dinner. For dinner we had pasta and for dessert we had jelly and ice cream.

After dinner we went to Black Mountain Tower and we saw all of Canberra and the countryside and we got to watch a movie about how Black Mountain Tower was built.

Day 4:

On Thursday 29th we had breakfast of cereal and hot breakfast. After breakfast we got our stuff and went to view some of the 78 Embassies aroundEmbassy Drive. We saw the USA Embassy, the Netherlands Embassy, the Chinese Embassy and the Egyptian Embassy. My favourite was the Japanese Embassy.

After we saw the 78 Embassies we went to theNationalMuseumofAustraliawhere we had to take a photo of something and tell the story of the object. We got to watch a movie and the chairs moved.

After we went to theNationalMuseumofAustraliawe had our lunch. After lunch we went to the National Sound and Film Archive where we saw different films from when they had no sound or colour till they did.

After that we got to go to Questacon where we got to experience a real earthquake and real lighting. We got to go on the drop slide where you hold on to a bar and then let go.

After we had finished at Questacon we went back to Greenhills Conference Centre to have dinner which was sausages and for dessert Chocolate pudding. After dinner we got to have a disco and red faces. The first song that was played was Gangnam style and everyone started dancing. That was the best disco ever.


Day 5:

On Friday 30th It was the last day of the 5/6 camp. At 6.30am we all started to load the luggage onto the buses. After we loaded all the luggage we went to have breakfast. For breakfast we had cereal and toast.

The trip down was the same but a lot quieter. We had lunch at Ned Kelly’s last stand and we got to watch two more movies. The first movie was Mr Poppers Penguins and the other one was Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer.

When we arrived at school there were barely any parents there. We unloaded the all the luggage and waited for our parents to arrive. When I saw my mum and my sister we went straight home. Canberra Camp is the best so far. My favourite thing about Canberra is how much information you find out about the places you visit.

Book Week

On the 20th of August it was Book Week. There was a group of activities throughout the week about books and movies.

 On Monday the 20th of August Moonee Ponds Central School had a Book Week dress up day. I was dressed up as Pippi Longstockings. When I got to school everyone was dressed up as their favourite book character. Even some of the teachers were dressed up. There were lots of Harry Potters and witches. At the end of the day there was a parade. There were awards for best dressed in the classes and awards for the most original costume in each year level. In my class two people dressed up as Thing One and Thing Two and they won.

 On Tuesday the 21st of August the 3 to 8’s did a trivia quiz. My team was on table 14 with a Banks team. There was lots of food like jellies, cupcakes, apples and lollies and we had to wear green for Lawson. At the end table 2 won and we got to dance to music to see if another team would win the dancing.

 On Wednesday the 22nd of August the 3 to 8’s had Morris Gleitzman. He talked to us about his books, the characters and his dream. After he talked he had talked to us we got to ask him questions and he signed books. I got three books signed and they were called Puppy Fat, Two Weeks with the Queen and Bumface.

 On Thursday the 23rd of August we did multi age activities. We got spilt into groups and we read a book and did an activity on it. I was in Marcia’s group and we did head, body and leg drawings and we did blind drawings. I did a blind drawing of a cat.

 On Friday the 24th of August there was a breakfast of champions at school at 8.15 am. There were croissants, fruit drinks and pieces of fruit. They had to let the bell ring at 9.10 instead of 9.00. This years Book Week was the best. 





My July Holiday

On the holidays I went to Federation Square by train. My family and I drove to Royal Park Station and caught the train to Flinders Street Station. We got off the train and went to the exit. We crossed the road and went to Federation Square.

When we got to Federation Square we decided to see the Aboriginal dot paintings. My favourite Aboriginal dot painting was one with blue and white dots and it looked like a bird’s eye view of the ocean.

After we saw the Aboriginal dot paintings we saw a sign that said Kids Corner and we decided to go there. In the Kids Corner there were Building blocks and a wall you could write on and I did some graffiti on the wall.

After we saw the Kids Corner we decided to get some lunch. We saw a sushi place and sat down to eat and we saw a sugar station and we saw a horse and carriage.

After we had a walk we decided to go back home. We walked to Flinders Street Station and we caught the train back to Royal Park, got in the car and went home.

When we got home we decided to watch a movie. The movie was called Wallace and Gromit 3 Cracking Adventures and the three cracking adventures were A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers and A Close Shave.

A Grand Day Out is about going to the moon to see if it is made of cheese. The Wrong Trousers is about robot trousers and A Close Shave is about sheep, wool and an evil robot dog.

My favourite movie was A Close Shave because the dog goes into Wallace`s Knit O-Matic and he turns into a robot.

After the movie was over Mum said we could have fish and chips. So we went over to the best fish and chip shop in the world got our fish, chips and bacon and went home to eat.

After  dinner Mum got some ice cream and topping  and we got to eat our dessert  and we watched the movie Bolt which was on the television.

It was a long day but I had the best fun and it was the best day of the school holidays and I would do it again because it was the best.



On the 3rd of May it was our school cross country and it was held at the creek. After we started had warmed up the siren ran and we all started running down the creek to the finished line. I had to stop sometimes but I managed to get to Fanny Park.

 When I got to Fanny Park I ran up to the teacher who was holding up a sign that said 9/10 year old girls and I came 8th.

 When we got back to school everyone started running to the SPC to get an icy pole from some parents and then we went back to our class rooms for a wet day time table because it was a rainy day.

 At the end of the day everyone went to the SPC to see if they got into district cross country. I was so close to getting into district cross country. I was three spots after the people who went to district cross country but I was glad that I came 8th. BEST DAY EVER!!!!!