A Snap Shot in Time

As we walked down to the beach, you could smell the salty sea air and hear the crash of the waves against the rocks. You could hear footsteps and the sound of excited children, the squish of sand under our shoes. You could feel the water as we picked up crabs and other sea animals. You could feel the crab’s colorful and beautiful shell and the cold wind brushing against us. You could see rocks, sand and seaweed spread across the landscape.

Historical Fiction Story: Cyclone Tracey

It is the year 1974 and it is nearly Christmas eve and Charlie is coming home from school.

“Mother, Father, I’m home from school.” Said a cheerful Charlie who didn’t know where her parents were.

“Mother, Father, where are you.” Cried Charlie

As she walked into the sitting room there were her parents staring at the television nearly in tears. They were watching the news with the curtains closed, the lights turned off, blankets around them and boxes of tissues next to them.

“Mother, Father, are you okay?” Finally her parents heard her.

Mother said “Oh Charlie, I’m so glad you are safe.”

“What do you mean.” Said Charlie who was starting to feel worried.

“Well, on the news there is going to be a cyclone and we are thinking of leaving to go somewhere safer.” Said her Father.

“But it is Christmas eve.” Said Charlie.

“It doesn’t matter.” Said Mother and Father

Later that night, Charlie was up all night worrying about the cyclone but after all that worrying she finally went to sleep. At four o’ clock in the morning Charlie felt her Mother touching her shoulder.

“Darling, we got to go before the cyclone comes.”

“Okay Mother, but where’s Father?”

“He is down in the eating room.” Said Mother

When Charlie and her Mother arrived in the eating room, Father explained what they were going to do.

“Okay Charlie, we are going up to the hill, it will hopefully be high enough so we won’t get caught in the cyclone.” Said her very nervous Father

“But what about the house?” said Charlie

“It will be okay. Saving our life is better than saving the house” said Father

Father opened the front door and all you could see was the wind blowing, the leaves went around and around in circles. Luckily the hill was close to their house. So they quickly ran up.

“Charlie, if you look in the distance you can slightly see the cyclone.” Said Father

Charlie and her family were there for hours and hours. Charlie was just about to fall asleep when her Father yelled

“And there goes the house.”

Their house was swept up into the winds.

“Father, the cyclone is coming near us, what should we do?”

“Okay, lets run to the over side of the hill, huddle up and crouch down really close to the ground and hopefully the cyclone won’t get us.”

And that’s what they did.

The next day, Charlie woke in the same place on the hill still really close to the ground. A lot of people were coming over to see if she was alright but they weren’t just ordinary people they were news reporters.

“Everyone who is watching the news we have found another survivor and she missed out on having a good Christmas.” Said the news reporter

Charlie completely ignored the news reporter and looked around for her Mother and Father.

“Where’s Mother and Father?” asked Charlie

In the distance Charlie could faintly see two shadows. She ran over to see who it was. It was Charlie’s Mother and Father, Charlie yelled “Mother, Father, can you hear me?” But there was no answer. But in front of her Father there was a note and it said:

“Dear Charlie,

We knew the cyclone was going to hit us so we wrote this letter. We are really sorry that we won’t be there for you but the cyclone killed both your Mother and I. Because we don’t have any relatives in Darwin, you will have to go to an orphanage to be looked after. Bye our little bundle of joy. From Mother and Father
“But where’s the orphanage.” Said Charlie out loud

“Don’t worry, I know an orphanage close bye, I will take you there.” Said the news reporter

When they arrived there were so many children there and they were yelling at the top of their lungs “Where’s my Mother and Father?”

They were all so upset. Suddenly Charlie thought of her parents, she tried to shake the thought away but a new thought came in her mind and Charlie said out loud “I am lucky to be alive.”

After four months in the orphanage, Charlie found a new home. She still missed her parents every day, but she was happy.

The Werewolf Date

Jake and Elle went into the most romantic restaurant on a full moon. As soon as they sat they talked and laughed and ate their lovely dinner of steak and salad.

Afterwards, they went for a lovely walk along the lake near the Eiffel Tower. They were gazing up at the moon when Jake let go of Elle’s hand and ran away of the bridge and into the forest where he ran all the way to the cliff. Poor Elle started to run after him but in high heels it was kind of hard.

Elle finally found Jake with his hands clutched onto his face, howling with the hair on his face and hands and his claws had disappearing. Elle raced up into his arms and said “Jake, what just happened?.”

“Ok Elle, let me level with you, When I was 18 a magician put a curse on me that when it is a full moon I will turn into a werewolf.”

Every full moon Jake howls  and Elle hears him and she has tears flooding down her cheeks, but Elle will love Jake always even in his wacky werewolf ways.

Jake and Elle were walking in a park when suddenly Jake started growling and Elle looked up to see Jake with his mouth hanging open. Then Elle screamed, but no one could hear her because, Jake- who was starving- ate her in one gulp! That was the end of Elle. Jake didn’t realise he had just eaten his girlfriend, because he was turning into a werewolf.

The Bowling Ball Monster

As I went up and grabbed my bowling ball. I bowled my bowling ball and hit the pins. STRIKE!! As I went up for my second shot the bowling ball was still coming up. When I saw it…. I SHRIEKED! The bowling ball had a face. As I kept getting strikes the bowling ball was filling up with anger and then BOOM! It EXPLODED. I ran outside and ran all the way to the shopping centre and told everyone there was a bowling ball monster. Then I went to the swimming pool and the monster was hot on my tail I jumped in the swimming pool pulled open the plug and the bowling ball got sucked down the drain and out to see.


My favourite thing is my soft toy Pooh Bear. I took him wherever I went. I got him for my first birthday from my Nanny. It is very important to me because when my Nanny dies, I can think of her.

He has yellow fur, a red t-shirt with the words Pooh in yellow. I chucked him around a lot when I was little. When I was two I left him at my Nanny’s house  down in Geelong and I had to wait for two weeks to get him back.