100 Word Challenge Week #15

As I walked into my new school, through the gates and into the foyer, I was scared and nervous, excited and lots of other emotions rolled into one. I knew no one and was too scared to talk with anyone. Then the bell ran and my parents had to leave. Our first subject was art, I like art but I didn’t like the teacher, he was mean and always yelled. When we walked in there was a canvas and lots of paint, pencils, brushes and so much more. We all got to paint a little section of whatever we liked.


The Crystal Mirror Illustration for 100 Word Challenge Week#15

100 Word Challenge Week #14

On a warm summer’s night in Mexico, a girl named Zara was going into bed. At 11 o’ clock, she woke to the sound of slipping, gripping and sliding outside her bedroom window. At 12 o’ clock, she woke to the same sound as before but it sounded closer and then the noise stopped. She eventually drifted off to sleep but woke again at 3 o’clock to the annoying sound, she looked out the window and saw a shadow, and she quickly grabbed her slippers and went outside to her window and saw a dead body and lots of blood.

100 Word Challenge Week #12

Kate was walking down the beach with her boyfriend Zach. The waves were rolling in because it was nearly high tide. The birds were chattering in the palm trees above. The smell of the water smelt salty, the sand was as soft as silk, the children’s laughter arose from the sea and the sand, and sandcastles were getting made and crashed by the waves. Kate noticed something further along the beach a letter in a bottle; she grabbed it and opened it. She read: Zach has a surprise for you turn around. Zach was on one knee with a ring.


100 Word Challenge Week #11

Bang, Bang, Bang as the gunshots were let off in the distance. It was a really hot day in Gallipoli when Australia and Afghanistan went to war, more gunshots were let off. Suddenly screams came from a sand dune, I ran over to see what was going on, someone got shot and the nurses took him away, sadly he was my mate. Monday the 11th of November is Remembrance Day, Remembrance Day is when Australia remembers the soldiers that went to war. They sacrificed their lives for Australia and we should remember them. Wear a poppy, say Lest We Forget.


100 Word Challenge Week #10

After a long hot summer in the UK the rain as finally come. Rose Kingston was taking a long walk in the rain with a rain coat and gumboots on, splashing in the puddles as she went back home from school. Rose didn’t know that the schools meanest bully Tim Duster was following her home. Tim ran up and grabbed Rose by the feet carried her to an old broken drain and stuffed her head into the hole until all you could see was her gumboots. Rose was struggling for air but she couldn’t take it anymore and sadly died.



0N2A7753aRZ Week#10

100 Word Challenge Week #9

Crash went a big clap of thunder as the rain trickled down from the roof to the garden; it was all dark outside and really spooky. I heard a clap of thunder again and ran under the table with all of toys and blankets. My cat was under the table too. There was a flash of lightning outside that light up the room. Then suddenly the power went out. The violent storm was so scary and I have never been in a storm as bad as this and especially on Halloween the spookiest night of the year. I’m so scared.


100 Word Challenge Week #8

My scary character is called Daniel the demon. Daniel the demon can blow fire and it can burn anyone’s skin off their body. He is mean and his always getting up to naughty things like blowing people’s houses down and throwing fire balls at them. He lives at the Night Zoo in a small corner of the gift shop which is made at of stone. His room is full of poster of the meanest demon of all time. Daniel wants to enter a competition called who is the meanest demon of all time. He has a pet called Digger Dog.

100 Word Challenge Week #7

It was daylight savings and an annoying older sister named Zoe was having a party. The party was going to end at 10 o’clock at night. Zoe was having the best time of her life when suddenly slowly the sky got darker and the fairy lights that Zoe’s younger sister Samantha had put in the tree started to glow and it lit up the yard like a diamond. Zoe was amazed, it was beautiful. Samantha came into the yard and said to Zoe “Did you like my surprise?” Zoe said “I love it; you’re the best sister ever.” Happy Birthday!

100 Word Challenge Week #6

On a nice cool morning, I was walking into the park when suddenly I saw a balloon. I asked the man if I could go up to the sky. I hopped in, he untied the ropes and then we were in the clouds. When I was looking down, I was surprised to see dogs in the park, families having picnics and children having fun and laughing. It was so magnificent, BUMP! Oh no we just hit a tree branch and there’s a hole in the balloon. We came down so fast that we hit the ground but we were safe.


100 Word Challenge: And then I saw a bright light

I was just sitting on the couch, watching television when Mum suddenly said “Zoe, we are going to the dentist tomorrow”. I felt so bad inside, I HATE THE DENTIST! So the following day I went to the dentist, I lay back in the chair and then I saw a bright light get shined in my mouth, it was HORRIBLE. I quickly ran out of the room and out of the building as far away as possible. In the end my Mum came and found me and she said “You are so naughty, you are grounded for a week Zoe”.