100 Word Challenge Week #15

As I walked into my new school, through the gates and into the foyer, I was scared and nervous, excited and lots of other emotions rolled into one. I knew no one and was too scared to talk with anyone. Then the bell ran and my parents had to leave. Our first subject was art, I like art but I didn’t like the teacher, he was mean and always yelled. When we walked in there was a canvas and lots of paint, pencils, brushes and so much more. We all got to paint a little section of whatever we liked.


The Crystal Mirror Illustration for 100 Word Challenge Week#15

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Hi my name is Zoe and I am in Year 5. In my family is Mum, Dad, my sister Sammi and me. I have a gorgeous cat called Ghostie. She is about 2 years old and I really love her. My favourite sport is swimming. Some of my friends are Hannah, Bill, Jessie, Sozoe and Paris.

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  1. Thank you for your piece of writing. You build up the tension really well and I was feeling your nervousness! I would have liked to have known what you painted.

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