Handwriting Analysis Interview Script

Interviewer is played by Isabel

Scientist is played by Zoe ( lady pen lift)

“Hello, I’m the interviewer and on the show we will be interviewing Lady Pen Lift.”

“What has your experience been with handwriting analysis?”

“Once someone tried to fake my lovely handwriting and I called the forensic science team, I saw them comparing my handwriting to the fogery. My handwriting had a much more fancier print and was neater then the other sample.”

“Why did they copy your handwriting?”

“They had a fake ID and they wanted to go on a trip over sea’s and they had to copy my handwriting.”

“Name 5 of the 12 characteristics you use to analyze handwriting samples?”

” We look for terrible spacing, some fancy letters, if the writing is on the base line, shading and the pen pressure and the line quality is it smooth or shaky.”

“How did you find this out?”

“Well, the forensic science team contacted me and said someone had been copying my handwriting.”

“We thank you for letting us interview you Lady Pen Lift.”

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