100 Word Challenge Week #12

Kate was walking down the beach with her boyfriend Zach. The waves were rolling in because it was nearly high tide. The birds were chattering in the palm trees above. The smell of the water smelt salty, the sand was as soft as silk, the children’s laughter arose from the sea and the sand, and sandcastles were getting made and crashed by the waves. Kate noticed something further along the beach a letter in a bottle; she grabbed it and opened it. She read: Zach has a surprise for you turn around. Zach was on one knee with a ring.


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Hi my name is Zoe and I am in Year 5. In my family is Mum, Dad, my sister Sammi and me. I have a gorgeous cat called Ghostie. She is about 2 years old and I really love her. My favourite sport is swimming. Some of my friends are Hannah, Bill, Jessie, Sozoe and Paris.

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