Year 6 Graduation 2013

As we walked into the ceremony of our year 6 graduation, the music was pumping and the parents were clapping. We sat down and the ceremony began. We started off with an introduction by Lee who invited the masters of ceremony Amelia Furh, Julian Lekakis and Jack McLeod to talk about their experience as school captain. After, we had Matt Bott our principal to do his address. We watched the interview of the year 6’s who talked about their feelings about high school.

We each got called up in our class to get our graduation scroll and a present which was presented by our classroom teacher. We had the specialist awards next which included P.E, Italian, Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Buddies. Tommy got the P.E award, Lilly got Italian, Sozoe got Visual Arts, Stephanie got Performing Arts and Luke got Buddies. We then moved onto the more important awards which included the Excellence award, the Academic Achievement award and the Dux award. Eleanor got the Excellence award, Julian got the Academic Achievement award and Amelia won the Dux award. Amelia gets to get her name in gold writing outside the office.

The year 6’s had a surprise item for the parents, a dance. I was the leader with Bill. It was a great surprise for everyone. After the dance, we all gave our parents a thank you gift of chocolates. After the ceremony, we got a piece of chocolate cake and we could get a family photo. When I got home, I opened my scroll and my present. The present was a book with lots of photos of the year 6’s with friends, an all-girl photo and an all boy photo and single photos, it came with a pen that we can sign near our photo. It was the best night of my life and I will never forget the friends I have made and all the teachers I have had.

100 Word Challenge Week #15

As I walked into my new school, through the gates and into the foyer, I was scared and nervous, excited and lots of other emotions rolled into one. I knew no one and was too scared to talk with anyone. Then the bell ran and my parents had to leave. Our first subject was art, I like art but I didn’t like the teacher, he was mean and always yelled. When we walked in there was a canvas and lots of paint, pencils, brushes and so much more. We all got to paint a little section of whatever we liked.


The Crystal Mirror Illustration for 100 Word Challenge Week#15

Maths Mate Sheet 8 Term 4 Question #24

The Problem: Fill in the missing digits in the multiplication.

~ 2

1   ?   4

X             8

9   >  ?   9    ? < 2


How I solved it: First I did 8 times 4 and that equals 32 so put down the 2 and carry the 3. Then I did 8 times 2 plus 3 an that equals 19 so I put down the 9 and carried the 1. 8 times 1 plus 1 equals 9 so put down the 9. The answer is 124 times 8 equals 992.

Albert S. Osborn

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Albert Sherman Osborn was the first President of the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners.

Born in 1858 on a farm near Grass Lake, Mr Osborn was the second of six children.  In Grass Lake, he did the usual farm labour and attended the nearby country school.  Farm life didn’t appeal to him so he attended the State College.

In the summer of 1882, he received a letter from the Rochester Business Institute, offering him a position as a teacher of penmanship.  It was from this early beginning as a teacher of handwriting that Mr. Osborn extended his interests to the identification of handwriting, typewriting, paper and ink.

By 1920, his business had grown so big that he moved from Rochester to New York City where he opened an office and began devoting his entire time to questioned document work.

In 1942, the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners was found with Mr. Osborn as its first president, a position he held for four years.

Mr Osborn sadly died in 1946. His books Questioned DocumentsThe Problem of ProofThe Mind of the Juror and Questioned Document Problems display how to identify styles of handwriting and typescript with inks and writing instruments.


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Words that need clarification:

Penmanship: the art or skill of writing by hand

Devoting: give all or most of one’s time or resources to (a person or activity)

100 Word Challenge Week #14

On a warm summer’s night in Mexico, a girl named Zara was going into bed. At 11 o’ clock, she woke to the sound of slipping, gripping and sliding outside her bedroom window. At 12 o’ clock, she woke to the same sound as before but it sounded closer and then the noise stopped. She eventually drifted off to sleep but woke again at 3 o’clock to the annoying sound, she looked out the window and saw a shadow, and she quickly grabbed her slippers and went outside to her window and saw a dead body and lots of blood.

A Snap Shot in Time

As we walked down to the beach, you could smell the salty sea air and hear the crash of the waves against the rocks. You could hear footsteps and the sound of excited children, the squish of sand under our shoes. You could feel the water as we picked up crabs and other sea animals. You could feel the crab’s colorful and beautiful shell and the cold wind brushing against us. You could see rocks, sand and seaweed spread across the landscape.

Handwriting Analysis Interview Script

Interviewer is played by Isabel

Scientist is played by Zoe ( lady pen lift)

“Hello, I’m the interviewer and on the show we will be interviewing Lady Pen Lift.”

“What has your experience been with handwriting analysis?”

“Once someone tried to fake my lovely handwriting and I called the forensic science team, I saw them comparing my handwriting to the fogery. My handwriting had a much more fancier print and was neater then the other sample.”

“Why did they copy your handwriting?”

“They had a fake ID and they wanted to go on a trip over sea’s and they had to copy my handwriting.”

“Name 5 of the 12 characteristics you use to analyze handwriting samples?”

” We look for terrible spacing, some fancy letters, if the writing is on the base line, shading and the pen pressure and the line quality is it smooth or shaky.”

“How did you find this out?”

“Well, the forensic science team contacted me and said someone had been copying my handwriting.”

“We thank you for letting us interview you Lady Pen Lift.”

100 Word Challenge Week #12

Kate was walking down the beach with her boyfriend Zach. The waves were rolling in because it was nearly high tide. The birds were chattering in the palm trees above. The smell of the water smelt salty, the sand was as soft as silk, the children’s laughter arose from the sea and the sand, and sandcastles were getting made and crashed by the waves. Kate noticed something further along the beach a letter in a bottle; she grabbed it and opened it. She read: Zach has a surprise for you turn around. Zach was on one knee with a ring.


Maths Mate Sheet 6 Term 4 Question #24

The Problem: Fill in the missing digits in the multiplication problem.

2   ?   6

x             3

?   3  ?

How I solved it:  First I did 6 times 3 equals 18 so I put down the 8 an carried the 1 to the next column. I thought what is closest to 13 in the 3 times table and that is 4 times 3 equals 12 so I put 4 in the box and added the one to get 13 so the 3 is already down so I carry the 1 to the next column. Then I did 2 times 3 plus 1 equals 7 so I put the seven down and the answer is 738.